Our business was created in 2008 as a means to pursue our dreams of woodcarving, painting, quilting, and other creative pursuits since these are our passion.  Steve is an accomplished woodcarver, painter, and  musician.  He has published magazine articles and has won "Best of Show" along with  numerous blue ribbons. Theresa is an accomplished seamstress and an avid  gardener.


We specialize in:

  • Victorian styles
  • Fine precise workmanship
  • Original designs
  • Use of hardwoods
  • Meticulous attention to detail




"String of Pearls" Jewelery Armoire
showing interior drawers

and enlarged panels, side and front.
24" tall, 14"wide, 12"deep
Cherry wood (native to NE Iowa) with a mild cherry stain
This item is for sale-must call for price.


This is an example of a raised panel which could be used in a style & rail door.  Price would vary with size, wood type, and complexity of carving.  A panel like this would add about  $400 to the cost of a style & rail door.  This type of panel can be sold alone (for those who do their own woodworking) or with a a finished door.

Our Mission:

We strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art which are original in design and of the highest quality.  Each item of wood is hand carved thus making it individually unique.  Each painting is an original.

Our 10 acre wooded land is located in Northeast Iowa near the Mississippi River.  Purchased in 1990, it was completely wild.  We first used it as a camping site and gradually built the 7 buildings now in existence, adding landscaping to correspond with the contour and natural beauty of the land.  It started as an adventure and now has become our business. 


ThornwoodCC, LLC

Steve & Theresa Mikulas

1580 Lansing Harpers Road

Lansing  IA  52151-7750



Products include:

  • Handcarved decorative plaques
  • Mirror/picture frames
  • Breadboards with carving
  • Figures
  • Handmade, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces of solid hardwood construction
  • Furniture with painted or carved panels
  • Original oil paintings
  • Commissions with  deposit (non-refundable)

This item has won numerous ribbons at various shows.  At its first competition in 2009, International Woodcarvers Congress, it received two ribbons, first in its class, third in combined class.

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